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  1. I think for some of problems like lag also he doing shot+pass in the box, thats not fair you need play this match again. please..
  2. Amire-Rojola dc 1-0

    you can use @dc command if you dont know what is dc command you can see by using @dc-help click for learn @dc command ; and his stats saying that he is not cheater. thanks for report..
  3. you have a banned profile that reason your profile names will not be in change. And When I see you, you will be banned with new account. Dont create new account, go with current ones..
  4. Dragon_Booster 36 match 36 win 0 draw 0 lose but too much disconnect when come to lose! That reason Dragon_Booster has been banned, that reason you can't access that profile.
  5. You need prove yourself. For do it ; 1- connect to server, 2- select your profile that you want to change name, 3- enter any lobby, 4- write "@d-chat change my name to ? " Example; (look at the pic)
  6. tunisienstade - other poor cheater

    already banned
  7. | ll-PERU-STYLE-ll - hack

    banned ;)
  8. Wrong dc

    Server version is stable. No bug. You have disconnect 10 days ago (november 25) when you loosing 2-1 at minute 70.
  9. Gareth.Bale - (DC)

    games : 112 wins : 43 draws : 12 losses : 57 If he cheater why he have looses more than wins? Thanks for report...

    can you please tell song names used in this and next videos?   And don't forget to check "copyright notices"
  11. C.R...7 deco CHEATER more

    Sorry, Please don't ignore. I understand you very well. At next disconnect he will go to "banned city" and of course he will loose his stats too. Thats all I can say because of system. Thanks for giving your time for PES 6. Kind regards.. 
  12. C.R...7 deco CHEATER more

    You using dc command and getting your win back.  So? What reason for still report it? I really dont understand. Please explain more.
  13. I CANT open my youtub accont now after i report this guy , and 2 weeks ago i lose my fb account  , now i know who do that :V 

  14. | Precursor - (Total Control)