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  1. F10 insult

    f10 is the biggest noob when i ever see, sorry but this guy must go to the doctor..
  2. False 1 DC

    I play Kasia vs AhmedZSC  after first half 0-0 and black screen, wait wait and nothing..  Profile: Kasia thanks, best regards    
  3. | -.Joachim.Loew.- (DC)

      If someone does not conform to the rules prevailing in the game, tzn. No cut, but you decide to cut, then let's play such a game.   I wrote many times that I will not tolerate a perfidious game of the time..if you win you are playing on time, that's is your game.. shinio   All the best, regards.. boy =)
  4. -.Joachim.Loew.- | (False DC)

    check match with mohannad, 1-0 in 60 min my comp turned off =))), << check this
  5. hi a play -.Joachim.Loew.- vs Mohannad, in 60 minutes my computer has turned off, i win 1-0, please check this and deleted my disconnect, thanks  account:  -.Joachim.Loew.- regards!
  6. bijouterie DC

    he use deco ever.. and bob unbanned him :huh:
  7. bijouterie (DECO)

    please you, you can see exactly who escaped from the game, If I did it to me to think logically turned off the game, think before you can post.
  8. bijouterie (DECO)

    next :)) bye bye bijo  :lol: