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  1. Artist (DC)

    you are kids play cuts LOL  cuts = kids + easy     xd !   you inselt my conturey xd and lagger
  2. Artist (DC)

    xd i will exit match but you play cuts + insult me  
  3. celest11 -dc-

    My InGame Name : Artist   Hacker InGame Name : celest11   Any Prove :
  4. Moezbk (dc)

    xd i'm muslim and from algeria and you from Tunisia    i'm algerian :)
  5. Moezbk (dc)

    you say me play no cut    give me your 1 goal youuuuuuuu
  6. Moezbk (dc)

    me not have proof i have goal 2    and you give me 1 you goal ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ Xd 
  7. foot_ball cheater dc

    2 vedeo
  8. Pabloocabj ( -DC- )

    report about this player ===>
  9. Pabloocabj ( -DC- )

    My InGame Name : Artist   Hacker InGame Name : Pabloocabj   Any Prove :
  10. Moezbk (dc)

    I quit the game because u play the " cut   1 goal   
  11. foot_ball cheater dc

     report about this player ===>
  12. Moezbk (dc)

    hhhhhhhhhh you 1 goal cut me goal no cut you are lying I have not seen  
  13. foot_ball cheater dc

    My InGame Name : Artist   Hacker InGame Name : foot_ball   Any Prove :      
  14. Moezbk (dc)

    My InGame Name : Artist   Hacker InGame Name : Moezbk   Any Prove :   me losse 1 first  1.0 score and 2 first 2.1  me  score and Moezbk dc mnt "90"