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  1. Name in game : _.Yongi._ Cheater's name : JIGSAW The Proof he is the 12th on the server He made dc in the end of the 2nd of the ex time
  2. - March 2017

  3. DC

    Name In game : _.Yongi._ Cheater's name : -THE-Night-Mare I guess he is the same cheater Drak-Knight 
  4. Dc Cheaters

    Name In Game : _.Yongi._ Cheatre's name : Dark-Knight
  5. Yup 0 lose dc cheater always doing that to get ranked damn this dumb fagg -_-

    Name In Game: _.Yongi._ Cheater's Name : ROBBEN
  7. Dc Cheaters

    Name in game : _.Yongi._ Cheater's Name : N.o...DoL..L..e..R  
  8. Dc

    Name in game : _.Yongi._  Cheater's name : M.Amen  
  9. Cheater's Name : AsassinCreeD. 0 lose dc cheater he doing that all the time to get ranked -_-
  10. Bale - (DC)

    name in game : _.Yongi._ cheater's name : Bale
  11. A weird report from _.Yongi._

    thanks alot buddy \m/  
  12. A weird report from _.Yongi._

    i cant upload it directly from my pc bcuz of its large size xD
  13. Name in Game : _.Yongi._ Dc cheaters team : UnDeR_TaKeR and here is my evidence : i'll let the video explain everything but you should know that Mr.Assists is a dc cheater aslo and he has a black history here btw he had an account called Bale and he got banned i guess , im so sure of your fairness and its up to you anyways thanks alot
  14. dc cheater

    Ccapitano (D1) is a dc cheater and iv screenshot pan him plz 
  15. dc cheater

    Ccapitano (D1) is a dc cheater and iv screenshot pan him plz