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  1. -MAXI.JAZZ- (DC)

    I will wait to see your ban for this insults you just made
  2. -MAXI.JAZZ- (DC)

    As you can see i got black screen on half time.I was waiting minimum 3-4 back in game but nothing happend.Chek MAXI stats and your answer is there ( i got 30% wins ).With this nick name i play vs strong cheaters .Also you can enter in lobbyes and can ask other players who played with me how much games i lost for puprose to keep low stats.I score own goals to get lose at the end of the matches.My wins with this nick are only vs good players who start a game only vs low profile players because they want to be sure they will win.90% of my lost games are own goals at the end.Other think - i dont need to quit in the middle of the game when is only 2-1... So i gave u the answer .   p.s. MSN tell on others what was the reason for your ban .. your mate FALKE is here too ( he quit in 90+ min )
  3. RoseGarradeAguia

    when you see me to play 100 games only vs one  same player. 100 games with same nick , same stats all same.Sorry Ahg but u must be blind if u dont see this things .. Yes she or he i dont care.Yes she dont dc ,she dont insult and then isnt cheat.I play 2v2 vs who enter in room low or high. Its cleen on 100% what Rose doing for all if u thing this proofs for ilegal punish me ...
  4. NEKO6 - (2 Time DC) - [Banned]

    Bob decide with different strategy.He look the time on dc after 80 min in one match is clear dc ..u dont need two videos if first one dc is in 90extra time etc..
  5. NEKO6 - (2 Time DC) - [Banned]

    NotSure is right all about.I think the same.I will stop posting videos if u just ban them for 1 week no sense.Its easy to make 2000 rating if i quit and u wait 2 or 3 videos of me and when u have it , u will just bann this acc for 1 week without null stats ( thats accptable for cheaters ).1 video is clear enough bcz Bob give other side time to protect himself ..  
  6. NEKO6 - (2 Time DC) - [Banned]

    Firs time when i recorded him i didnt post the video, bcz he have good stats (proof i dont care rank)  and after that i told him to not do it again and he say - ok , thank you i will stop dc ... I see he keeps the same way so ..
  7. RoseGarradeAguia

    I dont see any sense to answer you both. ( i didn't read Rose this time sorry ) If u have better proof , post it here . I dont care about rank and dont mind to have girl above me ... Bob is the person who will decide who cheat and who play 90 games vs same person with 90 losses - 90-0-0 and 0-0-90.
  8. RoseGarradeAguia

    i lost 1 min of my life to read this lol.So bcz you are woman you can't and you don't cheat? REALLY ?!  I don't even know you and i don't 1% care about you.Don't be proud to be number 1 with these games.. The videos show enough ,so you have nothing different to say .   p.s. I'm always open for 1v1 , just say when want to see how far from 1-2-3 place you are :)
  9. Да бе аз го гледах ама викам да не стават грешки и утре да се видя постнат като някой дето крашва сървъра.Поне така написано става по-ясно и за другите
  10.     Well thats not true.Somethimes when i have conn.lost or stuck in lobbyes and when i log again i see myself staying in room with / .This happend to me many times and i dont hack server .. I think this is just a bug or dont know what exactly it is ..

    My name - SUPERBAD. Cheater name- AHMEDSAMI
  12. "Hackers"

  13. "Hackers"

    dont call me cheater.. pls.. obviously you are not so smart to talk like that so is better for you to shut up and stop talking bulshits and make jokes with " visual proof"
  14. "Hackers"

    i have visual proof for you fabio , you bug lobbies ?
  15. Crush

    My name -    -MAXI.JAZZ- Cheater name - Crush dc at 90+ min